Buying / Commissioning

Abstract art is predominately in the eye of the beholder. Just about everyone is intrigued by abstract paintings and everyone’s tastes are totally different. That is why was created.

I produce original artwork of the highest quality to suit your house, office, colour scheme and personal tastes. No longer do you need to search through many galleries almost finding what you want but not quite.

Why not commission me to paint the picture you have always wanted!

Feel free to look around this site at some of my past works. The gallery section is constantly expanding. If you like what you see simply click on the contact me button and get in touch!

All sizes and canvas types can be utilised. The choice is yours!

For my standard sizing of 40′ x 30′ on a Deep edged canvas, the price is  £299.

If you don’t want something bespoke, have a look at some that have already been created. They are all 100% unique.  These pictures are in the “Paintings for sale”  page so simply click on the image! I’m afraid I don’t have an e-commerce facility, so get in contact to arrange purchase and postage!

For all other sizes and shapes, just drop me a line and I can give you a price!

07736 089584